Monday, August 28, 2023

Back in the Action of Sweet Satisfaction!

So yeah, like, I hurt my leg again and had to some more way-too-long recovering, but I'm back, peeps!

Totally, so, so back. 

Dang, though, not coming up with much to blog about here. But you know what? That's not only okay, it's better than okay.

It's RAD.

Like singing in the shower. Or that dancing-while-nobody's-looking deal.

(And let me tell you, I can hot-cha cha-cha when no one's looking, and I am AWESOME at showering! Maybe not at the singing part, but dayum can I ever steam up the bathroom with a slippery sluicy drippy and juicy ten minutes under the showerhead.)

Is this my best blog post? HELL NO!

But I'm good with that.

In fact, I'm great with it!

Time to make the doughnuts, baby!

Sunday, May 14, 2023

What a Week!!!

Damn, ya'll!

Monday: Ariel's anniversary!

Tuesday: Literally f***ing awesome.

Wednesday: UPS says Giant Size Akane is almost here!

Thursday: SHE'S HERE

Friday: Extreme party-tastic action!!!

Saturday: Even better partying down-to-the-ground AND tons of Boba Fett episodes AND blogging with Aers!

Today: I don't know, it just got started. What, do I look like some kinda Jedi?

Summary time!

Rockin' week, and almost all because of my amazing yams.


Everybody else ... I hope this week is as good for you as this past week was for me!

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Crushing it!

You may not believe it, but whoever you are out there reading this, you are crushing it!

Maybe you're thinking, "What the hell, Sasha, you don't even know me or what's going on with me or whether I'm crazypants kookoo or totally chillaxed and on top of things!" And the odds are pretty good you're right about that.


Is there any other you? I bet not. And that means ...

Nobody's as good at being you as YOU are.

Like, even if someone has practiced and figured out how to do a pretty good impression of you, they've got no idea how to actually be you. (Also, congratulations for knowing someone who would practice doing an impression of you! That rocks!)

And if you're thinking, "My life sucks. I can't do anything right. What the hell do you mean, I'm crushing it?" you wanna know the answer? Just imagine someone you think has a way easier time of things than you do and seems to do a way better job of things than you do ...

What if they were suddenly you -- including having all those downer feelings about themselves? I'm betting they'd suck at being you! They couldn't take it!

You've got a shit-ton more practice at being you than they'll ever have, and as far as people who seem to have an easy time of stuff? Guess what! Probably the thing they have the easiest time of is hiding all the things they have a hard time at. They've figured out their sweet spots and how to show those off, but if they suddenly had to be you? They'd totally freak.

And if you're reading this and thinking, "Damn, girl, missed me by a mile! I don't think any of that depresso-bummer stuff about myself," then like I said ... you're crushing it!

Anyway, if you needed this pep-talk and now you realize that you're the best person at being you that there ever could be ... time to CRUSH IT HARDER!

(p.s., my girlfriend Claire is a zillion times better at writing this kind of peppy stuff than I am, but you know what? Doesn't matter! I still CRUSHED it!)

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Dang! That Took WAAYYYY Too Long!!!

Yeah, so I was having this leg problem, and it was interfering with some pretty important stuff, but not interfering with other important stuff like blogging or playing roleplaying games or making out or really, most things.

But definitely like, one major big-time muy importante thing.

And over the weekend, it finally got better enough to carefully check if, yep, the time was right to get back to that thing.



It was definitely better enough, and the carefully checking version of that one activity ... esplédido!

Soooo ... this morning I pinned my boyfriend down and we did the not-so-carefully-checking version.

Wow. I so totally did not know how much I was missing that.

Oh, and just being ultra-clear about the title of the post, this morning's important thing was not what took way too long -- it was the leg recovering part I was writing that about!

This morning took just the perfect amount of long enough to be


Back on track, people!

(Maybe I'll get this blog back on track too ...)

Saturday, December 31, 2022

2022 ... Done!

Yep, that's it. Let me tell you though, I had a BLAST this year. Blogged a pretty good amount ... emailed an okay amount ... boinked until I literally hurt myself ...

It's been a good year, 1000 percent!

Come at me, 2023! I'm ready for another one!

Friday, November 4, 2022

Case Closed!

So get this. Yesterday, my otherwise espléndido boyfriend tells me -- IN THE MIDDLE OF SEX -- that I'm his most "mysterious" girlfriend.


I mean, peeps, I think I'm pretty wackadoo straightforward as girlfriends go, especially compared to some of the other ladies around here.

It's like, advertising for me would say, "SASHA! What you see is WHAT YOU GET!"

If there's any mystery going on, it's why in the world I answered him back with, "Huh? What are you talking about?" instead of saying, "Dude! Can you please FOCUS?!?"

(Okay, so actually, he was multi-tasking excelentemente right then, and I don't mind a talk-it-while-you-rock-it convo in general, but it was still a weird-ass statement, you know?)

So I made him explain himself, which he did, with appropriate pauses for more urgent issues.

And the short version is, he said he meant he's always learning things about me, and I'm always surprising to him. And that makes him wonder what other things there still are for him to learn that I haven't let him in on yet.

Which, obviously, I then said, "Dude, that's not mystery. That's just personal growth and me not being so full of myself I'd keep yammering away about me, me, me until you knew everything there was to know. And the 'always surprising' part is called SPONTANEITY."

(Pause for a second here. Is it just me, or does that word look TOTALLY WRONG in all caps? Like, my brain doesn't even want to recognize the damn thing. Although ... maybe the all-caps just made me notice it being a weird-looking word. How about we try it without the caps ... "spontaneity." Okay, yeah, it looks weird as crap that way too. I think it's because the vowels. I was going to say because the vowels are mixed up, but then I realized, no, there are just too many of them. Why didn't they go ahead and put a U in there too just to hit them all? But anyway, the vowels are def backwards, at least the A and the E. I can't be the only one who saying it spontehnayity, right?)

All right, actually that's not what I said, I'll admit it. But it's what I would have said if I wasn't busy saying, "Oh! Yes! Holy sh*t, yes! There, baby, right there!"

Anyway, long story short, he's crazy, there's nothing mysterious about me at all. 

Although I did maybe take advantage of him saying that to order him to "plumb my depths" several times before I let him up.

Friday, September 9, 2022


Listen up, boyfriend!!!!

(I'll let you other people listen too, 'cause this is gonna be some ROCKIN' advice!)

You've been doing pretty good lately about not getting super punky over stuff going on in the world & your life, but dayum, man, NO ENERGY. So I can tell things have you down even if they don't have you as all-the-way down as you sometimes get.

You need to Sashatize yourself!

(No, I don't mean get your sizzlin'-kapow little sexpot girlfriend to go off in bed with you LIKE A BOMB [although holy shit can we ever do that too! {and pretty soon, I hope! <what the hell, that curly bracket is totally the worst fucking bracket ever! no more of that shit!> oh damn, I have to do another one to close it off} completely losing track of my thought with all this parenthesization stuff - wait, whew, I think I remember now], keep reading and I'll explain!)

Living example, right here, right now, of what you need to do!


How does Sasha Natasha Worthy live her life? I know you know!









"Oh, but Sasha," you're saying, Mister But Sasha, using the worst kind of but, "that's just how you are. That's you, babe."


(I mean, a little bit...)

You think I don't choose to be this way?

Me being me makes it a pretty effing easy choice, I'll admit, but I do still have to choose it! I could sit around knitting or crocheting or something instead (and I'd get pretty damn fine at it!), or I could, like, read news stories and then fall on the floor and stare up at the ceiling thinking something like, holy F, Sasha, why did you do that?!? This world is fucked up!

But every day, instead of knitting or crocheting or crushing my soul under current events, I get up and I say,


None of this, "uhhgh, I haven't had my coffee," shit or "I'd better ease into things slow today, I think I'll sit on the couch and look at Twitter and Facebook. Just a  little, not very long ..."

As soon as I'm up ... WHAMMO!!! Sashatime!!!

Give it a shot, okay? And that question mark right there was totally rhe-flippin-torical!


Any questions? Too bad!! NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED!!!

DO IT!!!!

(Love you!! Mwah!!!)


Back in the Action of Sweet Satisfaction!

So yeah, like, I hurt my leg again  and had to some more way-too-long recovering, but I'm back, peeps! Totally, so, so back.  Dang, thou...